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things Christians like #2
04/15/2009, 8:06 pm
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Hello, welcome to our church! I am the Assistant District 
Regional Superintendent Intern Director of the Inner 
Workings of My Interpersonal Fellowship to Brothers 
and Sisters, otherwise known as Neighbors.

It's annoying.

Oh, that we would have the same mindset as the
disciple John, who refused to refer to himself by his own name!
Instead his entire identity was wrapped up in one phrase,
"the one whom Jesus loved."

I'm surprised we don't pass out name
tags with the bulletins as people enter church!

Preceptions and Truth
04/15/2009, 7:34 pm
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  Have you ever heard, “Preception is true to those who perceive it.” If that is true, which I believe it is, the question stands:

 “What preceptions am I living with?”


  But if it really is a preception and not actual truth, how can I see the difference? Because if I am believing it to be true, and it really isn’t true, however I have convinced myself it is true, how do I know the difference?

   For instance, last April we had a special speaker at my church. He was from Europe and was a missionary to America. To put it in a nutshell, the services were awesome. At one point in the middle of all of it, I was up at the altar praying. And it was one of those amazing times when everything is so real, and God is so present you can almost touch Him. And while I was praying, I felt God was telling me something very specific. I have only told 1 person what that was. However in the weeks and months that followed, the message was confirmed to me several times through 3 different people, none of them knowing it. Coincidence? I think not.

   But that was a year ago. And as of today, I have yet to see it fulfilled.

   So this is where I find myself. Was it truth, or a preception? Did I really hear God? Did I twist the message somehow? Was I looking at the “confirmations” in a desperate attempt for fulfillment? Or am I just doubting what I know to be true? What is truth? What is preception? What am I suppose to do?

good question
02/12/2009, 7:48 am
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so where are you??