the fray between roots and wings

I need to sleep.
06/16/2009, 5:26 am
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Why am I so tired? I am at the point of absolute
exhaustion, and I really don't understand it.
Sure I've been busy lately, who hasn't? Our very culture
demands us to be "busy." But I'm young, I'm only 21.
I shouldn't need sleep, just pass me another
energy drink. 🙂 Oh man, I'm going to bed.
Maybe the answer will come to me in my sleep.

and the beat goes on…
06/03/2009, 1:03 am
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Somehow I know it’s all going to be okay. Maybe this is the whole, “Peace that surpasses understanding” thing, but I really feel like everything is going to be fine. I’ve been in Bible college for about a year now and I’m almost finished with the first level in the Assembly of God credentialing process. Before too long I’ll be going in for interviews, preparing for final exams, and cramming the 16 fundamental truths. Basically what all of it means is now I can get a job at a church.

But what if that doesn’t work out? What if no one hires me? What if I spend the rest of my life simply making pizzas?

It’s okay.

Preparing for this process, I have been so stressed it has affected every single area of my life. I’ve been grouchy at work, distant to my family, lazy in school, non-committed in church, and cold to Jesus. The very process that was intended to prepare me for ministry, was tearing me apart. Why? Because of the attitude, or perception, I was walking in.

But the beat goes on. And after a week of running on a cocktail of pure adrenaline and stress, I broke. In that point of exhaustion, I’m starting to find the meaning of peace that I can’t comprehend. It’s all going to be okay.

things Christians like #1
02/12/2009, 8:18 am
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As I have said, sometimes I get frustrated with the church and Christians in general. We are so predictable! In fact, we have created our own little culture so we can survive in our own little religious bubble away from the rest of the world and all the dirty little things we don’t want to be around. Which is ironic considering Jesus was a friend of sinners, was often found eating with them, and some of His best friends included dirty fishermen, adulterers, lepers, and the risen dead. My, how far we’ve come!

So I’d like to do a random series of posts highlighting some key elements in our Christian culture which have little or no relevance to faith, hope, and love.

First, Christians like pictures of poor, dirty children.


As creepy as that my sound, it makes us feel good to see these heart-wrenching pictures and drop a dollar in the offering plate so someone else can travel around the world and buy these street kids a pair of shoes.


I completely support missions. But I don’t support lazy people who are satisfied on the good feeling of sending in a few bucks. Missions are meant to be life-changing both to the people who receive and the people who go.

Can you imagine what the church would look like if it became mandatory for each member to make at least one mission trip in their lifetime to really experience the dirt and filth and pain people live with everyday. Can you imagine what the attitude of the church would be if we really wept with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice, including the other side of the world?